My Style

My Style

Belen is a natural storyteller — both visually and with the written word. Whether it’s your first week home with a new baby or a new or re-branded set of portraits for your website, she has a way of capturing authentic emotion with her camera that stands out among the rest. She has honed in on her craft in a beautiful way. She can easily capture both a busy family or a unique product in a way that you can feel. Her style will leave you wanting to curl up with a cozy blanket and binge read the rest of the chapters.
— K. Flatau, Mindful-U

My style is authentic and sincere.  It truly centers around my obsession for beautiful light and my innate desire to capture and preserve simple moments of connection.  Those two things excite me almost as much as a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut...almost.

The clients I work with, both families and comercial alike, seek me out for my passion for documenting a slice of everyday life and for my ability to capture real moments without any pressure to perform, transform or be anything but themselves. They tend to feel a strong connection to their home or business, and to the idea of preserving memories and telling visual stories that are meant to be shared.

Lifestyle sessions are meant to reflect the essence of your life or your brand –as they are today, naturally. Each family has its own unique family culture and identity – their own secret handshake. Each brand's ways of connecting to their client are unique and that subtle (or not so subtle!) expression of who you or your brand are is what I aim to capture.

I have a soft spot for the magic and art of black and white photography - a medium I trained in during college - and love the impact of black and white conversion, now that I work in digital. I gather and create images that can look soft, be bold, speak loudly and transform a mere second into a permanent slice of life (a newborn's fluttered smile, a heartfelt belly laugh, a styled or curated scene, a glance at a loved one or a deep stare down with a curious toddler). I hand edit each of my sessions thoughtfully and with intention, letting each story unfold into a unique and artful series of moments.

For me, looking through that viewfinder is my eye to the world. What I frame up is the image – and more importantly, the moment – that will be taken forward into the future in our hearts and in our minds.

My approach to my work is strategic and driven by light and unique perspectives.  That means 'm not afraid to get dirty, lay on the floor or climb on furnature.  You might find me standing on chairs, bending in psudo yoga poses, laying down on the ground or moving around a lot during a session to create the art that I see unfolding and follow the light.

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