Belen's Go-to Photography Resources

I am constantly learning.  I soak up any and all information I can from everywhere I can and I believe it's important to share knowledge and help others grow too.  I often get questions from my clients who love the art of photography and want to learn how to improve their own photography skills so that they can take better pictures of their kids, their pets or their travel adventures,  I have compiled a list of tools and resources that I have personally used along my own journey to help me grow as a photographer.  Full disclosure: If you purchase using the links I’ve provided, I will earn a small percentage on some of them, at no extra cost to you and I can continue to invest in my own learning and business. 


Digital Photography Books By Scott Kelby

Online Learning

Creative classes, live or on demand, available 24/7 for all levels of photography from shooting to editing and beyond.


Learn about photography, Photoshop and Lightroom from top industry professionals.


Rent Lenses and Equipment

National Camera Rental Department - Golden Valley, MN store

Borrowlenses.com (Use my referral link to save $25 on a rental -- code expires Dec 13th, 2017)

Lensrentals.com (Use my referral link to save $25 on a rental)