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    The “efficient” Argentine nickname for my name, Belen, lovingly bestowed upon me by my students and friends while teaching English to business professionals in Cordoba, Argentina in the early 2000s.

    synonyms: beluchi, belencita, bel, b-girl

My passion for photography was gifted to me at an early age. My father and both of my grandfathers were photographers and my mother, who had grown up with a darkroom in her basement, shares a deep appreciation for the craft and always encouraged me to pursue my budding interest in the visual arts.

My childhood was filled with slide trays, carousels and the sound of the evenly spaced projector "click" as it shuffled through the rich Kodachrome stories of the 1960's and 70's. Every dresser and armoire at our cabin had 2-3 drawers dedicated to piles of my grandfather's old folding pocket cameras and an assortment of Nikon prime lenses. I would spend every summer sifting through the same odd-shaped black and white prints and Polaroids of family holidays and important milestones reliving the family memories that took place well before me. Through those photographs, their stories became a part of me. Following in my father and grandfather's footsteps, I learned to "see" like a photographer and began to spend time exploring the world through the frame of a viewfinder. Since I was at least 9 years old, my camera has been my constant companion - from summer camp, to backpacking across Europe in high school to summiting Colorado 14ers in my 20's and 30's — I always made room for my 35mm camera.

As a pre-teen in the early 90's, I set up a "studio" in a spare bedroom using an old sheet textured with Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter paint, a white bunk bed ladder and clip-on spot lamps so that my friends and I could do at-home Glamour Shots® portraits. I have always been known as the dedicated "picture taker" among my friends and before the advent of the selfie, I used to document the places I'd visit by taking pictures of my feet to prove that I was there—the true original selfie! While the camera itself may have changed over time, the joy I find in all-things photography hasn't.

For me, looking through that viewfinder is my eye to the world. What I frame up in my camera is the image – and more importantly, the moment–that will be taken forward into the future. My work is about light and looking at things with a new perspective, which means you might find me standing on chairs, bending over, laying down on the ground or moving around a lot during a session to create the art that I see unfolding and follow the light.


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