A Splash of Color in January

Minnesotans really know how to brighten up a frozen winter day - wow!  Nothing says happy like bright yellow and turquoise - PERFECT jewel tones for photographs, especially against a white winter backdrop.   The little guy I was visiting, was such a chill addition to this already laid back bunch. You could jus tell we were going to have fun morning when the dog decided at one point that it needed to share the ottoman with the baby.

When I asked mom and dad to tell me a bit about what life has been like now that he is here, they said that so far, he just participates as a part of the family.  If they are having dinner, they will place him on a blanket next to them on the dining room table so that he can interact with everyone, especially his big sister. 


And so it went, a perfectly organic session using heirloom pieces of furniture and every-day pieces with beautiful light to capture the joy and the re-found newness of welcoming home a new life.