A Ray of Sunlight in a Bow

When I walked into this family's home, you could feel the warmth pouring out into the chilly December morning as the door opened. “We followed your instructions,” Grandma said as she ushered me in, pulling at the neck of her turtleneck sweater to cool off as the rush of cold air seeped through the open door.

I ask all my newborn session families to turn up the heat to “uncomfortable” before we start the session so that we keep the babies warm and happy, but it wasn’t just the heat that warmed this Minneapolis home – there was bright and shiny joy beaming from each of them. 

“Can we turn on some music?” the mom asked. 

She dilled in a great radio station on Pandora and I scoped out the space to find our magic light. It felt like I had walked into the home of old friends and that energy just can’t help but produce authentic images filled with life. 

I spent much of the session hearing the stories of dad’s childhood sled and baby blanket and how excited great grandma would be when she saw the knit blanket she made for baby in the photographs. It was a true lifestyle session, complete with an ongoing conversation about the baby in a bow – it just made mom smile ear-to-ear to see her brand-new baby girl adorned with a pale pink bow – and that joy made dad smile as he quickly realized he was outnumbered now. 

It had been unusually dull and grey for most of December, but the sunshine poured in that day and gave us all something extra to smile about, including the beautiful baby girl in her bow.