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In today’s world, an online presence is a reality. Whether socially or professionally, we have all found ourselves at some point sitting in front of an empty avatar with the need to fill in a little box or circle with a headshot of ourselves.

Portraits tell others a lot more about us than we think—and that’s why it’s such a chore to fill that avatar! We all want to put our best “face” forward. Being thoughtful in our approach to capturing our personality in an image helps us connect with others, but it also helps us to recognize and appreciate parts of ourselves we tend to invest a lot of money in trying to find. I’ll dive into these in more detail in a later post, but for now, these are three gifts a quality personality portrait can give us that I see the most often as a photographer whose focus is capturing the essence of people.

  • Confidence
  • Individuality 
  • Self-love

So, what exactly is a Personality Portrait?

Personality portraits go beyond the traditional headshot by showcasing who you are from the inside out. Stepping away from the marbled grey or blue backdrop of traditional headshots gives you an opportunity to tell the world more of your personal story and showcase more of who you are. 

Capturing what you like or do best, or just candidly, is essential to capturing something unique. Not only does a natural pose create a story, it also brings magic and beauty to a still image. Personality portraits show the bigger picture behind an image using places, objects, color and light to help tell your personal story. 

Personality Portrait
20150819Italian Night-040.JPG
Personality Portrait
Personality Portrait_Mindful-U
Personality Portrait


What’s in the background of your image can be just as important as what you’re doing. A lot can be said about a person by looking at the background of an image. Depending on the story you want your portrait to tell, choosing a location that fits your personality is almost as important as choosing what to wear.

Terra Andina


Sometimes it isn’t the person that’s exuding a persona or mood, but rather an object or scene that surrounds them which enhances their personality. The addition of meaningful objects (not props) adds significance, draws analogies, and brings attention back to the person in the photo.

Personality Portrait_background
Personality Portraits

Light and color

Our Personality comes out visually in the way we dress and the colors we gravitate towards. On the other hand, taking away the color in an image is equally as impactful. It’s like taking away a thin mask by exposing textures, shapes and facial features without the distraction of color. Similarly, the natural lighting in an image can act as an additional element to enhance or represent a characteristic or a personality trait.

Personality Portrait_Mindful-U
Personality portrait_Paisley + Sparrow

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